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Our Services

Lognetics is a company passionate about creating attention-grabbing, and functional strategies that drive business growth and unchallenged reputation. We offer the best standards regardless of project size and specifications with amazing customer services and timelines that facilitate collaboration, learning, fun and networking.


We develop premium and compelling brand expressions alongside state of the art branded identities which cuts across all branding phase of an enterprise, Our branding services includes: Brand strategy and identity, Graphics design, Animation, Scripting & VoiceOvers , Content Development, Art and visual shoots among others


One major quality that distinguishes a Globally Successful and accomplished brand from other toiling brands is a top-notch digital Identity. At LOGNETICS, we give our clients not just any identity, but one that communicates your business personality and shapes your audience perceptions on your brand. We analyze your brand and develop according to your uniqueness and identity. One that positively influences their purchasing decisions, directly impacting your profitability. LOGNETICS is interested in the progress of your business and to achieve this we strategize on :

Conducting research

We make research as to grasp your company’s vision and to fully understand your target market.

Clarifying strategy

We perfectly fuse the terms of how you want to be portrayed and the perspective of what your customers want from your brand to satisfy their needs. Clarifying Vision, Target markets, Competitive advantage, Brand values, Brand personality, Brand promise and Brand proposition.

Designing identity

We give precise attention to detail, ensuring that your design works on different scales, different materials, on screen or in print. We consider colours, fonts, shapes and icons and how they relate to the personality and uniqueness of your brand.

Creating touch point

We develop the designs created in the previous stage and apply them across touch points including website , Business cards, Letterheads, Brochures etc.

Brand launch and management

We have a long term commitment to helping our clients thrive. We make sure to manage modifications to your brand making sure that you remain on top of the competition always.


LOGNETICS priorities great design. So whether you need a logo, a flier design for an event or online campaign, design for letterhead, business card, brochure packaging design or its videography, video editing, motion graphics or animation we’ve got you covered.

The Briefing

We get information on the purpose of your design from you. We may also present you our portfolio so you we can ascertain if your intention for the project has any similarities with previous designs we might have done in the past. This helps you see if your style and approach will suit them.


After the brief, we conduct research on your industry and your competitors. We run a study of your target audience to understand what design elements will have the greatest positive influences on them. We desire your design project to stay relevant to the sector while occupying a unique niche in the market.

Sketching & Design

As our motto goes, we blend creativity perfectly by applying an intelligent combination specific elements of colour, style, font, typography, content and photography to give you the perfect blend of creativity that the job needs to emotionally influence and inspire your audiences’ actions

Review & Refine

We believe that to every design, there is always room for improvement. So before the final launch of the design, we work with you in reviewing the job done. We polish the job, refine your work and make sure it comes out as an excellent piece, both appealing to the eyes and communicating to the mind.

Launch & Repeat

Once the design is completed, all relevant files will be handed over to you. Its time for the world to see what you’ve got next. But this is not where it ends. We still continue to partner with you to develop designs that are crafted tactfully to influence your customers and grow your business.


A spectacular website is not only focused on how pretty the visual interface looks. It involves a perfect blend of tactful and carefully planned strategy with the design and development process to fulfill the purpose it was built for.  And that’s what your brand needs. A website that drives high amount of traffic from search engine results and influences the action of prospective customers.

We summarize the process in these five phases:
Define the project goals

At LOGNETICS, we are interested in helping you communicate your brands identity on all touchpoints and that includes your website. We conduct researches and interviews to get a clearer perspective on your goals, your kind of target audiences, the message that your page will convey, and the nature of the competition so you can take advantage of your uniqueness.

Wireframes & Architecture

Based on the type and purpose of the website, we suggest the technology stacks that will be applied. Sitemaps and wireframes are then developed to provide insight to the navigational structure of the site and guides content strategy. The content writing process follows, where we take advantage of SEO strategy, using a carefully-planned content strategy to boost your sites visibility in the search engine rankings.

UX/UI Design

Next after the blue print has been developed in the previous phases, the visual style is created. It is determined by the already existing visual style of the brand. Our goal here is to connect the web’s visual design with that of all touchpoints of the organization. The font, colour and style is perfectly blended to create that perfect interface that keeps your customer glued to your site.


This is the point where your brands visual and digital Identity is incorporated in the website. The actual coding process is done and depending on the nature of your brand or the purpose of the website, frameworks are selected and applied in the development. The process is meticulously developed to be responsive and flexible on all digital devices used to view the site.

Launch and Maintenance

Finally, the website is transferred from the local server to the live server. But the journey with you doesn’t end there. We’re available for maintenance of the website as we are interested in building a long term business relationship with you. As the patterns of your market change and desires of your audience begin to adjust, we are always at your service to keep you above the competition

Experiential Innovation

LOGNETICS pride her self in building and developing branded VR content for marketing, training, and activations. We develop fun and engaging experiences from concept to event presentation. We are platform agnostic, with capabilities to develop experiences for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, etc. We also develop augmented reality apps for any tablet or AR application. There are some great virtual reality (VR) games out there, but virtual reality, augmented reality, extended reality and holographic computation are going to shape our future in so many more ways beyond gaming. Here’s a list of industries that are already adopting VR and how lognetics could impact the future of these industries.

Virtual Reality Application

Real Estate

You can look round properties from the comfort of your [existing] home - no estate agent or sacrificing your weekend needed. This allows people to explore houses online and then only view the ones you’re most likely to love in person. With lognetics scanning hardware technology, we will be able to achieve a 3D 360 degree conceptual view of structures.

Gaming Event (Lognetics Virtual Cruise)

VR is changing the way things are done, and expectations for the future remain high. This is particularly true for video games. Lognetics will consistently be hosting a reality game tour called Virtual Cruise, aimed at adding a fun and engaging feel to humanity. Virtual reality games built by lognetics and other gaming companies will be played during the Virtual Cruise event.


VR is gradually changing the way that architects design and experiment with their work. VR makes it possible to see not just what a building or space will look like but how it will feel. For homeowners, they can experience the space before it is physically built and make real-time changes, which saves the customer and the architect time and money (as w el l as increas ing satisfaction on completion of the project). Architects have been using 3D models for years but using immersive tools such as lognetics ArcVR, architects and clients can now understand and explore the space at the deepest level possible.

Automotive Industry

Our VR systems at lognetics will allows engineers and designers to experiment easily with the look and build of a vehicle before commissioning expensive prototypes. Our VR technology will save the automotive industry millions by reducing the number of prototypes built per vehicle line.


Healthcare in an important aspect where lognetics VR systems can have a significant impact. Healthcare professionals now use virtual models to prepare themselves for working on real bodies and VR has even been used as pain relief for burn injuries. VR can also be used as a treatment for mental health issues, with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy thought to be particularly effective in the treatment of PTSD and anxiety. There are many other ways spending time in VR can have therapeutic benefits. And at lognetics our strategies will redefine the healthcare sector.


The problem with online shopping is that we can’t try on the clothes we want before we buy them, which results in us buying two sizes and sending one back, or ordering one size and praying it fits your shape and size. This could soon change with bodyscanning technology in VR, which would allow us to try on clothes in the virtual world to see what they would look like in person. At Lognetics, we are redefining the future of shopping with our futuristic technologies.


Imagine being able to try your holiday before you buy it. That’s exactly what the future could hold. Lognetics is taking a step to enabling you to go on guided virtual tour s of hotel s , restaurants and tourist landmarks.

Learning and Development

Lognetics will love to combine VR apps with Web VR and work with companies to integrate their corporate training into current learning management system (LMS). This makes training more accessible, cheaper, and increases learning retention levels


In the future, virtual environments could replace assessment days and interviews themselves, saving on cost and time for both the employer and the potential employee. Lognetics specially built VR systems will make recruitment in the future seamless


VR is being used in the entertainment industry to heighten experiences with 360 films and increase your emotional connection with them and/or the characters. Lognetics VR solutions would also revolutionize the way media content are made.


VR could revolutionise education by enabling students to learn in an immersive, experiential way. Lognetics propose to build apps that allow users to take a tour round cities across the world, explore the human brain, and board the Titanic. We also propose to build a Virtual classroom / meeting room space with our ‘Engage’ product, where people can learn from lecturers around the world.


The way that we watch sports is already changing, This is a great way of opening up live sports events to people who can’t travel to the venue or can’t afford tickets to watch the sports in person. You could watch the game from several locations in the stadium, as if you were actually there. Lognetics VR system would help change the way sports are watched.


With the rise in popularity for wellness and meditation, Lognetics would be building VR applications that enable users to immerse themselves in a meditative space surrounding the user with beautiful 360 images while they listen to soothing music and a guided meditation.

Events and Conferences

Since VR enables individuals to be places virtually, it provides an avenue for organizers to welcome more individuals into in-person events. For example, Paul McCartney released a 360-degree concert recording through a virtual reality app linked to the inexpensive Google Cardboard headset. VR can be used in a similar way to enable virtual conference attendance, but event-industry stakeholders are also using it to drive collective experiences among in-per son audiences. An example of this was at the Mobile World Congress 2016, when conference attendees wore VR headsets as they attended the launching ceremony of the new Samsung S7 and S7 edge smartphones.


Lognetics would also be building social communities in the VR space, We will design a regular community-created meetups on topics in different areas.


One of the best things about the emergence of VR is its ability to evoke empathy. This makes it extremely valuable to charities as it can be used to increase understanding of an issue. People are more likely to be moved to action when they are immersed in a situation they would otherwise not be able to relate to, or come close to experiencing.


Marketing is becoming more and more about how companies make customers feel so using VR is a natural extension. It’s also becoming popular for universities to create virtual campus tours of universities. Lognetics VR System would make marketing seamless


Many real-life hobbies are available in VR, and the immersive experience makes them all more enjoyable and accessible. If you’re a fan of cultural activities, you can visit museums and other recreational attractive centers. Lognetics would provide a writing and narrative design management tool for immersive storytelling.

Law Enforcement

Lognetics would design VR and AR systems for the military and police angencies to train personnel in simulated scenarios complete with visual, auditory, and physical stimuli (ranging from barking dogs and street noise to the recoil of discharging a weapon).The technologies even enable police forces to escalate or de-escalate trainees’ simulated interactions with individuals inside the virtual training environments, helping learners practice making judgment calls and critical decisions under stress. Lognetics Immersive technology would “improve training of officers and positively affect the hiring process.”

News and journalism

Lognetics would build systems that can enable viewers to watch news stories and documentaries in VR. You can experience stories rather than just listen to them, as if you were standing opposite the journalist where the story is happening.

Art and design

With VR, you don’t just create life-size artwork - you can be in it. You can actually step into your image and come out the other side. it’s amazing what some people have managed to paint in it. You can also make virtual 3D models and sculptures with lognetics VR solutions

Holographic Computation Application

Lognetics wants to be one of the world leaders in Holographic technologies, virtual and augmented reality solutions, software development alongside branded identities. View our video below to learn more about how we can help empower your business!

Holograms In Architecture

Lognetics wants to build a full-sized Hologram Rooms where Multiple people can enter together and walk through full-sized CAD or polygon-based models, integrated with unlimited size point clouds. View your CAD or other mesh data in 3D with other key members of your team; pick your data up, spin it around, shrink it down and interrogate it with ease. Alternatively, we can also build a Hologram Wall models that perform the same task in a more compact package. Also we can incorporate Hologram Tables for showing large-scale architectural designs, fully interactive in 3D and from a bird’s eye view.

Government, Military & Smart Cities

With the help of lognetics proposed Hologram Tables we can create holograms of cities up to 70cm high, and the level of detail available is limited only by the data you provide. You can include live feeds of planes, cars, transit or other real-time information to annotate your visualizations. Adding multiple objects and preparing full presentations is a breeze. Holograms are the most futuristic way to plan and display large-scale designs.

Live Shows And Conferences

Part of our plans at lognetics is to help provide live holograms of people or objects on stage, from singers to speeches or even holographic versions of your presentations with floating objects to work with! Holograms are associated with luxury and hightechnology. Have a giant hologram of your luxury products spinning in your showroom. The Stage Hologram system can also be used in showrooms and for advertising.

Holograms In Restaurants

With our proposed menu machines that allow customers to choose from meals as they float in the air, lognetics will be able to get attention for restaurant. First, scan in your meals with ordinary photographs. Our software will then make the photographs 3D and convert them to hologram-compatible objects. Your customers will then be able to see their meal choice floating holographically in the air in your restaurant!

Holographic Museums

With our proposed holograms, museum will be Upgraded with holograms of real objects, or Holographic Tours of real historical places. We plan on getting variety of devices that depend on your space and use case!

Virtual Tourism

Visit real hologram scans of historical places or tourist landmarks. This can be used for education by exposing students to things they’ve never seen or for tourist to visit places you’ve never been. It is an excellent way for the elderly or disabled to visit the world without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Corporate Assets

Does your company own factories, hotels, shopping malls or other types of assets? Scan them in and replay them as life-sized holograms. This is great for giving tours to visitors, or it can be used in board meetings to discuss assets and planning.

Holograms In Education

The future will be powered by holograms. Get in early with lognetics proposed holographic educational tools. Our Hologram Walls are proposed to project forward up to a meter, and we will have classes that teach students all about hologram technology. The Hologram Wall comes with the software and training so the children can make their own holograms or learn the skill of scanning in real world objects. Alternatively, for universities or larger organisations, there will be full-sized Hologram Rooms or Hologram Tables. Hologram Walls can also be used to take students to real world locations that have been scanned in, allowing for fascinating and high-detail science or history lessons. We’ve packaged up an easy way to record and share 3D videos of the real world into our Holographic Tour product

Holograms In Real Estate

Scan-in homes or buildings and replay them as life-sized holograms. Imagine the real estate agency of the future.

Holograms In Sports

Technological advancements are shaping the future of the sports industry. we can anticipate more tech-driven advances in sports such as virtual stadiums with hologram displays and smart sports equipment. These technological breakthroughs continue to change the sports landscape and transform our interaction with sports. At lognetics we are building holographics and virtual systems that would redefine the sports industry