Imagine a space of infinite possibilities. Where you can experiment with all kinds of experiences with minimal consequences. A space where every atom of matter has in its underlying fabric, a connection to the future. And every ray of light is a peek into the futuristic plane of sight. Yeah, that’s what we’ve come to offer. A fully immersive interaction with a reality that is virtual but yet seamless. One where you are submerged in an experience, with all senses receptive to changes and occurrences in the virtual space. We explore games, art, science and technology, innovation, creativity, and lots more. In this fully controlled virtual environment, you can make contact with extreme situations and absolutely nothing could go wrong.


Virtual Cruise is not just a periodic event. It’s a product we’ve wrapped in an experience. We present everyone an opportunity to get conversant with the virtual space. It also gives an opportunity to innovatively experiment with all the possibilities that are available. As we progress, systems will emerge that give creatives the tools, environment, and conditioning to maximize their full potential in this space. All that can be said at this moment in time is merely just an introduction to what Virtual Cruise stands to offer, and what you as our audience stand to gain from your participation. Join thousands of others, live in the city of Abuja. On Saturday, the 21st of August, 2021. Time: 10:00am. At Tiki Cultures event center, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kado 900288, Abuja.

It’s a move, an avalanche carrying with it revolutions that will translate our positioning to be centered in the futuristic plane.